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Hey, I'm Kristin and I'm living every Virtual Assistant's dream! By really hacking the traditional Virtual Assistant role, I’ve been able to create and grow an online service-based business that pulls in enough profit to support my entire household while working an average of just 5 hours per week.

Life hasn't always been this way though... When I first became a VA, I was overworked and underpaid. What I thought would be a dream business quickly felt like a nightmare. I questioned why I was working in the online world and ALMOST went back to a 9-5 role where I could just leave work at work (and maybe get paid what I'm worth!). Can you relate?

I'd love to teach you the strategies I implemented to "hack the system" for yourself because I hate seeing VAs overwhelmed by their work and not getting paid their worth!

Are you ready to experience REAL freedom for yourself?!