Elevated influence, minus the complicated marketing.

We help entrepreneurs elevate their visibility + influence as a podcast guest, so they can scale their business without becoming a full time marketer.



3 Steps To Increase Your Visibility + Credibility As A Podcast Guest

even if you don't have a large social media following or your own podcast

What flows off Kristin's tongue are thoughts that can literally change the trajectory of your business. Paradigm shift!

Jayme Sack

Kristin has an incredible gift of communicating in a way that resonates and helps shift your perspectives from running your business solo to being a CEO.

Janene King

Kristin's advice is actionable and tangible. She holds the keys to empower you to effortlessly step into your role as business owner.

Krystle Stevenson

I see you... Doing all-the-things. Spinning your wheels, trying to stand out.

If another marketing guru tells you about their million-dollar-launch-in 30-days strategy, you’re going to scream.


Yes, you know you need to get seen to grow your business.


And you’re all about finding a strategy that elevates your authority.


But you’re tired of marketing tactics that aren’t aligned with your zone of genius and require you to stop serving your clients to become a full-time marketer

You’re in the right place.


Join us as we boldly hate on vanity metrics, while freeing b2b entrepreneurs (like you!) from the pressure to conform to the latest, out of alignment marketing tactic.


At YesBoss, we’re all about keeping you in your zone of genius.


Our podcast booking service rapidly establishes you as an expert and provides the opportunity to leverage relationships with industry influencers.



Why we ❤️  being a podcast guest:

  • Attract New Business

    The "know, like, trust factor" is built rapidly through podcast conversations and leveraging relationships with the hosts.

  • Stay In Your Zone Of Genius

    Talk about what you know best. Make an impact with your knowledge. And the selling naturally takes care of itself. 

  • Elevate Your Authority

    Use this powerful platform to position yourself as an expert and let the podcast host do all the bragging for you!


And talking is my zone of genius.

However, I spent years hiding my genius. You could find me hanging out behind the scenes, managing a 6-figure virtual assistant agency.


Sure, clients loved us.


But I became known for being a doer. Not an expert.

It was painful. I felt like an imposter.


I ran a successful business, but no one really saw me as an expert.



I hate to admit it, but it took 6 months of intending to put myself out there before I actually did anything about it. 



Until my team stepped in.

(The same team that helps our clients today!)



Now when you google my name, you'll find pages of podcast features.


But even more...


💥 My confidence soared.


💥 Dreamy clients started finding me.


💥 We doubled our prices.


💥 I received invitations to other speaking opportunities



The tide has shifted...

I'm known as an expert (whose zone of genius is talking). 

My results from just one interview carefully curated by YesBoss repays my investment  more than ten times over.

Tom Poland

Even before my first interview went live, a podcast host wanted to partner with my business. I'm already enjoying the benefits of collaboration!

Linh Podetti

YesBoss absolutely overdelivers! Execution goes well above my expectation!

Liz Ferguson


Ready to elevate YOUR influence, without the complicated marketing?


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