Double Your New Client Leads By Being Featured

As A Podcast Guest

(even if you don't have a large social media following or your own podcast)

Free 10-minute Masterclass

Are you tired of chasing the latest "passive income" strategy?

And the nagging feeling that these strategies are causing you to be less connected to the people you are meant to serve?

You'd love to spend more time sharing your knowledge and less time trying to convince people to hire you.

Because you know you can make a difference, if people just took the time to listen to what you have to say!

It's time to increase your visibility + revenue as a Podcast Guest!

The YB Process

Done-For-You Podcast Booking

  • Your Unique Talking Points + Media One-Sheet

    The YesBoss copywriting team will draft talking points that showcase your expertise, attract the right podcast hosts and sets you up to be a profitable guest.

  • Custom Research

    Research is never limited by existing YesBoss connections. We hand select and vet all shows to ensure expertise compatibility between you and the show host.

  • Done-For-You Pitching

    You don't have time for all the back and forth communication necessary to secure a guest slot. So we do it all for you! Stand back and watch us add interviews to your calendar each month.

  • Interviews Booked

    Lights, camera... ahem, mic check... action. Establish your authority, build credibility and attract qualified new leads.

Are you ready to increase your visibility + revenue?

Let's get you booked as a podcast guest!

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